Network & Wireless Deployments for Challenging Environments

Presenter: Rodger Hyle, Product Manager for Power Solutions

Keeping a wireless network up and running is critical in today’s digital world. Combine that with harsh environments and state’s mandates and you have a flurry of obstacles to overcome. In this session, Rodger Hyle will cover the various challenges with wireless deployments, and the solutions to connect, protect, and enable™ our wireless world.

Hanging Tough in Rough Conditions

Presenter: Jared VanAllen, Strategic Alliances Manager

Safeguard network infrastructures from exposures to extreme conditions in your initial planning to avoid costly and severe consequences. Ventev works closely with our strategic partners to ensure our solutions are optimized with their technologies and protect them from the elements. Join Jared VanAllen on how to be tough when it’s rough out there.

A Look Inside: Wi-Fi 6E & Aesthetic

Presenter: Dennis Burrell, Senior Product Manager for Antennas

Those in our industry have been keeping an eye on Wi-Fi 6E, as well as the rise of inconspicuous Wi-Fi. We know huge benefits come with Wi-Fi 6E, but what’s taking so long? What are some of the latest discreet Wi-Fi technologies out there? Tune in to Dennis Burrell’s session to get a closer look into Wi-Fi 6E and where you can hide your Wi-Fi.