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About Tessco Events

We want to see you at our next event! As a leading value-added distributor, Tessco participates in various industry events annually in addition to hosting our own solutions-focused events. Tessco Events gives our suppliers and customers a chance to register for upcoming events and request a meeting with Tessco team members. Our events are designed for people to discover, learn, meet, and engage.

About Tessco

TESSCO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: TESS) is a value-added technology distributor, manufacturer, and solutions provider serving commercial and retail customers in the wireless infrastructure and mobile device accessories markets. The company was founded more than 30 years ago with a commitment to deliver industry-leading products, knowledge, solutions, and customer service. Tessco supplies more than 50,000 products from 350 of the industry’s top manufacturers in mobile communications, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (“IoT”), wireless backhaul, and more. Tessco is a single source for outstanding customer experience, expert knowledge, and complete end-to-end solutions for the wireless industry.

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