Bobby Arkolakis, Consulting Systems Architect, Cisco

Andrew Wilson, Consulting Systems Architect, Cisco

Andrew has been with Cisco for six years covering the Public Sector. He is the Transportation Lead within the IoT organization and covers Public Sector customers across the U.S. Previously, Andrew covered north Texas for SLED and also supported Smart City architecture as a Digital Transformation Architect.

Jared VanAllen, Strategic Alliances Manager, Ventev

Jared VanAllen, Strategic Alliances Manager at Ventev, is a seasoned IT veteran with decades of experience in systems engineering, sales, and management with companies like Cisco and AT&T. Jared has been with Ventev for nearly four years and has worked with some of their largest customers. Jared is experienced with the needs of multiple customer verticals through his work with Cisco and various systems integrators over his career.